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Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)
Historical overview on Dhaka Stock Exchange
The necessity of establishing a stock exchange in the then East Pakistan was first decided by the government when, early in 1952, it was learnt that the Calcutta Stock Exchange had prohibited the transactions in pakistani shares and securities. The provincial industrial advisory council soon thereafter set up an organizing committee for the formation of a stock exchange in East Pakistan. A decisive step was taken the second meeting of the organizing committee held on the 13th march, 1953. In the cabinet room, eden building, under the chairmanship of Mr. A. Khaleeli, secretary government of East Bengal, commerce, labor and industries department at which various aspects of the issue were discussed in detail. Then the central government’s proposal regarding the Karachi Stock Exchange opening a branch at Dhaka did not find favour with the meeting who felt that East Pakistan should have an independent stock exchange. It was suggested that Dhaka Narayanganj Chamber of Commerce & Industry should approach its members for purchase of membership cards at RS.2000 each for the proposed stock exchange. The location of the exchange it was thought should be either Dhaka, Narayanganj or Chittagong. An organizing committee was appointed consisting of leading commercial and industrial personalities of the province with Mr. Mehdi Ispahani as the convener in order to organize the exchange.

The chamber informed its members and members of its affiliated associations of the proceedings of the above meeting, requesting them to intimate whether they were interested in joining the proposed stock exchange. This was followed by a meeting, at the chamber of about 100 persons interested in the formation of the exchange on 07.07.1953. The meeting invited 8 gentlemen to become promoters of the exchange with Mr. M Mehdi Ispahani as the convener and authorized them to draw up the memorandum and article of association of the exchange and proceed to obtain register under the companies act.1913. The other 7 promoters of the exchange were Mr. J M Addision-Scott, Mr. Mhodammed Hanif, Mr. A C Jain, Mr. A K Khan, Mr. M Shabbir Ahmed and Mr. Sakhawat Hossin.

It was also decided that membership fee was to be RS.2000 and subscription rate at 15 per month. The exchange was to consist of not more than 150 members. A meeting of the promoters was held at the chamber on 03.09.1953 when it was decided to appoint Orr Dignam & Co., solicitors to draw up the memorandum and articles of association of the stock exchange based on the rules of stock exchange existing in other countries and taking into account local conditions.

The 8 promoters incorporated the formation as the East Pakistan Stock Exchange Association Ltd. on 28.04.1954. As public company, on 23.06.1962 the name was revised to East Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd. Again on 14.05.1964 the name of East Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited was changed to "Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd."

At the time of incorporation the authorized capital of the exchange was RS. 300000 divided into 150 shares. Of RS. 2000 each and by an extra ordinary general meeting adopted at the extra ordinary general meeting held on 22.02.1964 the authorised capital of the exchange was increased to TK. 500000 divided into 250 shares of TK. 2000 each. The paid up capital of the exchange now stoods at TK.460000 dividend into 230 shares of TK. 2000 each. However 35 shares out of 230 shares were issued at TK. 80,00,000 only per share of TK. 2000 with a premium of TK. 79,98,000.

Although incorporated in 1954, the formal trading was started in 1956 at Narayanganj after obtaining the certificates of commencement of business. But in 1958 it was shifted to Dhaka and started functioning at the Narayangonj Chamber Building in Motijheel C/A.

On 1.10.1957 the stock exchange purchase a land measuring 8.75 kattah at 9F Motijheel C/A from the government and shifted the stock exchange to its own location in 1959
The major functions of DSE are
Listing of Companies (As per Listing Regulations).
Providing the screen based automated trading of listed Securities.
Settlement of trading (As per Settlement of Transaction Regulations).
Gifting of share / granting approval to the transaction/transfer of share outside the trading system of the exchange (As per Listing Regulations 42).
Market Administration & Control.
Market Surveillance.
Publication of Monthly Review.
Monitoring the activities of listed companies (As per Listing Regulations).
Investors grievance Cell (Disposal of complaint bye laws 1997).
Investors Protection Fund (As per investor protection fund Regulations 1999).
Announcement of Price sensitive or other information about listed companies through online.
Contact information of DSE
9/F Motijheel C/A, Dhaka Bangladesh
Phone: 88-02-9564601, 7175703-11,
FAX: +88-02-9564727
Email: dse@bol-online.com
Web: www.dsebd.org
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